Microsoft Edge is about to get faster on Windows 10 and macOS

Google’s Chrome is popular but it has earned itself something of a reputation for being a resource-hungry browser. Microsoft Edge is also based on Chromium (the platform that powers Chrome), but the tech giant has taken various measure to improve things, and address poor performance concerns.

With a new feature, Microsoft is planning to cut down the animations when you’re not actively using Edge browser. This change is part of the performance mode, which was introduced earlier this month.

Edge (Canary) was recently updated with a new “performance mode” which will give it a boost over rival browsers on both Windows 10 and macOS. The experimental performance mode attempts to optimize both CPU and RAM usage to reduce battery usage while ensuring browsing speed and responsiveness.

Late last week, Microsoft Edge’s settings page was updated again with additional information on the upcoming performance mode.

Microsoft now states that performance improvements will vary depending on your device configurations and browsing habits, but users will notice at least three changes after turning on the optional feature.

Edge performance settings

The company warned that video streaming will be less smooth when you use performance mode. Likewise, Microsoft Edge animations will also slow down when you’re not interacting with the browser.

Microsoft is implementing these changes to reduce CPU usage and improve overall battery life.

The third change is for default sleeping tabs behaviour. Microsoft has confirmed that the background/inactive tabs will be discarded (go to sleep) after five minutes of inactivity instead of two hours.

Currently, when you enable sleeping tabs, Edge puts tabs to sleep after two hours by default.

How to test performance mode

Microsoft Edge performance mode is apparently coming to both Windows 10 and macOS, but it’s currently behind an experimental flag.

To test the feature on Windows 10, right-click on the Edge Canary shortcut and append –enable-features=msPerformanceModeToggle in the Target field.

You can also run the executable file of the browser from the terminal with “–enable-features=msPerformanceModeToggle” on the end.

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