Microsoft Teams is getting immersive reader and more on Android, iOS

An update to the Microsoft Teams for Android and iOS is making its way to users to deliver a handy new feature. As per the changelog posted on Microsoft 365 admin portal, Teams for mobile will be able to read aloud.

Users can have the Microsoft Teams app read chats and posts out loud on Android and iOS using Immersive Reader. Microsoft has optimized the Immersive Reader to support reader across ages and abilities. This functionality was previously available only on the web and desktop apps.

Microsoft Teams uses proven customization techniques to read aloud your posts, chat messages, and assignments, etc. On desktop, users can even switch focus to just a specific chat or message. It’s not yet clear if that functionality is also coming to the mobile version of Microsoft Teams.

Importantly, this feature is available for Microsoft Teams content only. That means you won’t be able to have PowerPoint or Word files read out loud from Microsoft Teams or other apps.

Immersive Reader is coming to Teams mobile in June 2021.

It’s also worth noting that immersive reader isn’t particularly new for Microsoft. Last year, Microsoft Edge (Chromium) was also updated with Immersive Reader and Grammer tools. These features are powered by Microsoft’s in-house AI engine and clicking on the read-aloud button within Chromium Edge will play contents word-by-word.

Personally, I’ve used Immersive Reader on Teams quite often, so it’s nice to see mobile users getting something along the same lines.

Microsoft Teams calendar getting better on iOS and Android

In addition to Immersive Reader, Microsoft Teams users on mobile can now view all meetings and events for the day to easily see when you’re available or busy.

Based on the description posted on the roadmap, it looks like Microsoft is trying to improve the interface of the calendar page to help users discover their meetings and events for the day.

This feature is also coming to iOS and Android in June 2021.

In addition to mobile features, Microsoft Teams for desktop is all set for a range of new features. For example, the software maker is rolling out a new in-meeting share tray with PowerPoint Live integration, which is a new way to share presentations without sharing the screen with the audience.

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