Microsoft: Windows 11 requirements cannot be bypassed, and users aren’t happy

In the midst of the pandemic, Windows is seeing a surge in popularity, and understandably, Microsoft is introducing Windows 11 to keep up as a result.

Windows 11 features a new look, themes and personalization options, centered Start menu, and there’s plenty to like about the new operating system except its hardware requirements. Windows 11 comes with rather unexpected hardware requirements, with the presence of a newer chip listed as one of the minimum requirements.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 requirements haven’t been communicated well and some users are unsure if their devices can be upgraded to the new operating system. As we reported recently, Microsoft has posted a video explaining the new requirements and if users can bypass these restrictions.

Representatives from Microsoft explained that they understand it’s frustrating when some devices aren’t going to be eligible for Windows 11. Microsoft further noted that Windows 11 is a big upgrade with a focus on security, and it wouldn’t be possible to bypass these requirements.

Microsoft has confirmed that bypass methods will not work. While users can remove Windows 11 feature updates safeguards by modifying the Group Policy, these Windows 11 minimum hardware requirements cannot be bypassed via a group policy edit, according to Microsoft:

That group policy will not enable you to get around the hardware enforcement for Windows 11. We’re still going to block you from upgrading your device to an unsupported state since we really want to make sure that your devices stay supported and secure.”

As you can imagine, people aren’t happy with Microsoft’s vague statements. In the comments of Microsoft’s video, people are basically yelling at the tech giant to stop and reverse these requirements.

Some users said that “Windows 11 will be another Windows 8”, while others criticized Microsoft’s vague statements on the requirement. These requirements are just a marketing ploy by Microsoft, another user stated.

At the time of writing, the unlisted video on YouTube has not been well received by Microsoft customers and it has been disliked by more than 200 people. Comments on Microsoft’s video have now been disabled.

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