Microsoft is fixing Windows 11’s rounded corners ahead of October launch

With Windows 11, a wide array of UI elements and menus receiving a WinUI 2.6 or WinUI 3 refresh. As part of the design refresh, Windows 11 is set to bring back rounded corners to the desktop operating system.

A large number of the most prominent UI elements, menus, and buttons, including context menu or flyouts are getting rounded corners in Windows 11. Instead of the usual sharp edges look that has been a key component of the operating system through Windows 8, Microsoft is implementing rounded edges with Windows 11.

The rounded corners have even extended to the legacy apps and pages, such as Control Panel and Disk Management tool. As you’re probably aware, the rounded corners for window frames in Windows 11 have some unexpected white pixels/artifacts. As a result, rounded corners look jagged.

Thankfully, Microsoft has finally addressed the problem with Windows 11 Build 22000.120 preview. The problem is mostly fixed in the update and rounded corners finally look great in dark mode, but the borders may still bit strange in some cases like the top left of the Fedback Hub.

Windows 11 smooth corners

In a post on Feedback Hub, Microsoft confirmed that it fixed an issue where white artifacts were appearing on the corners of windows. After the update, desktop apps like Steam’s chat windows are now better antialiased on Windows 11.

Windows 11’s revamped interface

Windows 11 comes with several new design features. This includes rounded corners, mica theming, new design elements powered by Fluent Design, new desktop backgrounds, new colourful themes, and new icons as well.

According to the company, these design improvements makes the operating system more coherent than ever across different form factors. Windows 11 revamp aims to make the interface softer, friendlier, and less intimidating.

As a result, Microsoft rounded sharp corners across all apps to build a new design that doesn’t get in the way of your productivity.

Windows 11 rounded corners

In a series of polls hosted by Microsoft, the majority voted in favour of new rounded corners for windows over new icons, new background art, and snap controls. It was a close-run, and Microsoft termed rounded corners as one of the best design features.

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