Microsoft confirms some Windows 11 taskbar features won’t return anytime soon

Microsoft is promoting Windows 11 as the latest, most secure and greatest desktop OS for consumers, but the operating system has many flaws and problems are still being reported as more people try Windows 11. Microsoft is willing to address the shortcomings of Windows 11, but there’s a catch – some features won’t return anytime soon.

Windows 11’s big problem is its taskbar. The taskbar has been rebuilt from scratch and Microsoft is busy adding minor features for the taskbar, and that includes a better overflow experience for icons or system tray optimization for tablets or touchscreen PCs running Windows 11.

At the moment, the taskbar doesn’t support basic features like a full-fledged right-click menu, drag and drop, the ability to change its location and more. While the drag and drop functionality is set to return with Windows 11 version 22H2, Microsoft has confirmed that it won’t add an option to move the taskbar location to the top, left or right side.

Although it’s one of the most requested features, it is not on the company’s priority list. For those unaware, Windows 11’s taskbar is locked to the bottom and it is not possible to change its location to the top or other sides of the screen.

Taskbar multitasking feature

In a recent Windows Insider webcast, Microsoft’s Windows 11 development team confirmed that it won’t add a feature to change the location of the taskbar because the current design or animation flow of the Start menu isn’t ready yet.

“There are a number of challenges when it comes to actually be able to move the taskbar to different locations on the screen. Think about having the taskbar on the right,  all of a sudden the reflow and the work all of the apps or Start menu have to do..” Microsoft said.

Microsoft noted that it ‘rebuilt the taskbar from scratch’ and they had to pick and choose important features that they would put in. Not many people use the taskbar on the top, left or right side, so the option to change its location wasn’t added to the new taskbar.

Microsoft currently wants to help a “larger group of users” and the focus is on features like drag and drop, overflow icons or tablet optimization.

Of course, the ability to change taskbar location will come to Windows 11 preview builds at some point in future, but it won’t arrive in the release version of Windows 11 version 22H2 or anytime soon.

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